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Henrietta, 89 Holiday Rd    from 1967   



During this school year his father was promoted or saved enough money and they moved to Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester. It was wintertime and Randy was to go to David B Crane School. He was in 6th grade and had never been the new guy before. The first person he met on his walk to the school bus stop was Jack. Jack was a very outgoing young man and Randy found him entertaining and likeable. It was good being with Jack the first day at the bus stop. Jack was already the tough kid of the neighbor hood. Randy was not what they expected of a kid from the city. He was not hardened in his looks and actually might have looked younger then he was.

    It was a different world now for Randy. The playing at the bus stop with snowball wars and wrestling never seemed to lead to anything more. You didn’t have to be leery of or worrying about the motives of the other children. 

  Randy stayed in touch with his city friends. Megan had realatives in Henrietta and Randy met her up at the plaza and they hung out at woolworths and other stores one day. He got together with Bob and Jimmy once and awhile . They remained friends and talked on the telephone and would visit sometimes on weekends.

    David B Crane, the all white kid school he was at handled matters differently than he was used to in his past environment. A fight stopped when one of the kids gave up. Wrestling ended any large disputes and knives and other weapons were totally unheard of. Randy did not have to worry much about any of this because being from the city cast a shadow of danger that kept most kids from trying anything. Others that tried learned quickly that he was more then capable. In fact, Jack and Randy were probably the bad boys of the neighborhood.

   Class work was a problem for Randy right away. It seemed that the city schools taught at a slower pace than the suburban schools. Randy was behind in every aspect of the 6th grade curriculum. His parents were brought in and it was decided that he be put back in to the fifth grade. At 11 years old, he now found himself to be one of the oldest kids in class, the school work was easier and Jack was in almost all his classes.

   Having Jack in his classes did nothing to help his studies. There were several instances that put Randy in the hallway writing a hundred lines of  “I will not do this” or “I must not do that.” Once, Jack threw a pine cone across the room and after hitting Randy in the head it stuck to his shirt. Randy pulled it off and threw it back at Jack. It bounced off him and hit the floor. Teacher looked up and “Randy get your pencil and pad and go to the hallway”. Then they learned about static electricity. Jack rubbed his feet on the ground and touched Randy behind his left ear and gave him a shock. Randy observed Jack doing this to other kids and snuck up behind him to get him back. Jack startled, let out a little yelp. Teacher looked up and Randy was back to the hall. Jack spent plenty of time in the hall way as well. His role in life was to entertain and a lot of the time that was to the establishment’s displeasure.

   Jacks escapades: First there was jack and the BB gun. Jack had a BB gun for as long as Randy knew him. Randy was walking past him at his house and Jack was sitting on the steps with the BB gun laying across his legs. A smile started creeping across Jacks face and Randy warned him not to do anything stupid. Next thing he knew there’s a pinprick like pain in his butt cheek. This would have been their first ever-real fight only Jack was on the ground laughing in hysterics. Randy took the gun from him but Jack wouldn’t stop laughing. Randy left the gun by the road and walked home. Randy could hear him laughing all the way home and as Randy walked up his drive way he started to laugh.

  Behind Randy’s house were the woods. They were building a new housing development there but it had only just started and the woods were still pretty thick. Jack and Randy would use Jacks BB gun to shoot frogs. The woods would be like a swamp and foot deep water would be everywhere. They walked across fallen trees and stayed out of the water that way. When a frog would croak and his neck would inflate they would shoot it and it would pop. Most times it was mating season and the male frog would be on the back of the female. They would both croak at the same time. Jack called that a two for one. Jack was rather cruel to frogs. Once at the cabin, one of Randy’s cousins was talking about eating frog legs down south. Jack stuck a firecracker down a toad’s throat and blew him up. Then he chased Randy’s cousin around with the frog legs asking him to eat them.

  One time out back while killing frogs, a friend of theirs was using a sharpened stick to spear them. He missed and hit jacks leg. Two thoughts went through his mind. “My spear is sticking out of Jacks leg” and “Jack still has his BB gun”. It was like a cartoon as Jack chased the kid through the swamp. The kid holding his butt and slipping into the water from time to time screaming and apologizing as he ran for his life and Jack chasing after him, firing his gun every few seconds. Jack couldn’t move fast with his leg wound and he was cursing every time he put weight on it. Randy was laughing so hard he kept slipping into the water while attempting to calm Jack down. At the end of it they were all collapsed on a field at the edge of the woods. Jack with blood all over his leg and the other boy with BB welts all over his body. All three of them were soaking wet from the swamp.

   Jack cursed a lot. He got that from his dad. Randy had spent the day at a lake on a rowboat with Jack and his dad. That day Randy learnt all kinds of colorful expressions.

One day behind Randy’s house Jack and he were walking up through the woods and Jack stepped on a gardening trough. It had three rusty claws on it and two of them went right through Jacks foot. Normally he would be saying every bad word in the book. Instead he was yelling “oh gee, oh golly” Randy’s mom was outside working in the garden. Jack wouldn’t swear in front of her. Jack was a good guy. He would never admit it.

   Jack and Randy took an upside down doghouse and made a clubhouse in it. They would invite neighborhood kids in it to play cards. Randy would deal from the bottom of the deck and give Jack a good hand and they would win stuff like fishing lures and nickels. They weren’t very good at cheating and often got caught but they were the best in the neighborhood at fighting. Kids took the loss.

  Jack would shoot his BB gun at kites. The people flying them would be a block away. Randy didn’t know if Jack hit the kites but he wondered where the BBs landed.

 Jack and Randy used wood from the housing development to build a tree fort. While they were building it, other kids came to help. Soon they had about six or eight kids helping. It was becoming a gigantic tree fort. It had three floors and a guy line running from the third floor to the ground. Jack tore his shorts off on a nail on a trial run. It was like a magic trick. He was sitting down on the upper part of the tree fort and launched himself off onto the guy line. There was a loud tearing noise and then jack was sailing down the wire towards the ground 40 feet away. He was lucky he was wearing under wear. The line broke on Randy and he crashed into the ground. Another time while walking on the second floor extension a board gave way and Randy fell two floors and landed on his back. A kid was holding a ladder next to where he landed. Randy told him to go get his dad. The boy let go of the ladder and raced towards Randy’s house. Randy watched the ladder fall towards him as he lay on his back still catching his breath. He could hear Jack laughing his head off on the other side of the structure as the ladder bounced off Randy’s helpless body.

   The tree fort was the talk of the neighborhood and soon the older teenage boys showed up to help. They enclosed the bottom floor with logs and it looked really cool. The whole fort was three stories high and all enclosed. It was about the size of a double garage with an extra floor. With the teen-age boys in on it Jack and Randy did not feel like the leaders anymore. Early one Saturday morning they took their hammers and started dismantling it. They told the older boys that their parents told them to do it because the people that are building the houses found out they were stealing all the lumber.


 Randy would go to the movies frequently. A family friend from the city where Randy had learned to play chess always went to the movies but never liked to go alone so he would bring Randy. They would see whatever the big movies were at the time.

   Life was great in Henrietta. At 11 years old everything was fun. Randy went to the bus stop in the morning and had fun at the bus stop. He had fun on the bus, as much fun as you could have at school. After school he played with the neighbor kids until he had to go in. The school had a Gymnastics program and when the coaches found out how much Randy already was able to do he became the main event of the end of year Gymnastics show. The show ended with randy diving over a Gymnastics Horse into a headspring, back to his feet and then a dive over two classmates into a roll. It was all one continuous move that he put together.

   Randy was already into girls and had left his first real girl friend Megan behind when he moved from the city. She came to Henrietta to visit a cousin right after Randy moved. The cousin lived a couple of blocks from Randy so they got to see each other a time or two. 

    A friend, Tommy, who lived close to the bus stop, had very liberal minded parents and the kids from the neighborhood tended to gather there in order to work out what they were going to do that day or the next. This is where they decided what sport they were going to play, weather they were going to go swimming or play board games. Randy loved board and card games and would find himself at Tommy’s house almost every night. He had not realized how good he was at chess until it was proven that no one around there could beat him. During this time he taught his brother Don how to play chess and soon afterwards Don became the only one that could beat him.

Tommy’s mom was 40 but thought she was 20 and his dad had the best collection of dirty novels anywhere. Randy read and reread these novels like “the big O” and others. An unknown part of his most valuable education.

    Randy started 6th grade at a school closer to his home called Gillett. He could walk there as it was only a mile or two away. While there, a classmate and friend offered him a chance to work at a doughnut shop with him. Their job was to put together the boxes for the doughnuts. They got a penny a box but could put together 1000 boxes a night. He worked two nights a week and averaged $5 a night. This was Randy’s first in a long line of jobs. After a few months the other boy could no longer work there and Randy offered the vacated position to another classmate and friend. The weird thing about the class in 6th grade was that most of the kids became well known or popular later on in high school although belonging to different clicks.

    When Randy started 7th grade it was in another school a bit further away called Roth. At 12 years old he had already had a few girlfriends and actively went to the dances. He was already in the Gymnastic program that met at the high school a few nights a week and now he joined the wrestling team. A bus picked up the kids for wrestling from the school and drove them to the high school where they would practice. His first day on the bus he was tripped by an older very popular kid and everyone laughed. During practices a bigger boy threatened to beat him up if he wouldn’t wrestle him so Randy appeased the boy by wrestling him. He did not put up much of a fight for fear of getting the unstable kid upset. During the next few years he seen this kid challenge bullies and pick on other kids. Some time latter he would brace this boy over a girl. When he told the kid his observations of him over the years the boy actually took it to heart and reflected his past and agreed with Randy. There was no fight in him. He was actually visibly filled with remorse. Randy learned that people change.

   It seemed that 7th grade was the year of the bullies. It was a time when some kids developed before others and more and more fights came to be as the alpha beta separation process went on. One kid got mad at him when the kids girlfriend started hanging around Randy quite a bit. A few years earlier Randy had made a lasting enemy of the youth during gymnastics. It was one of those things where the one kid was real good but the new kid was the new star. With losing the girl to Randy it did not help matter’s any.

   This was also the time black kids started moving into the suburbs. The first kid was Joe. He was a former scout and classmate of Randy. What Randy noticed right a way with Joe was the hypocrisy of the white kids in school. They talked about what they would do to any black kids and when Joe started school he was the most popular kid in school. He and his sister were the only black kids in school. Everyone wanted to be friends with the black kid. Joe, Of course, was pretty big and athletic and Randy wondered what would have happened if it had been a smaller black kid that had moved there first.

   There was a big change in Randy after 7th grade. 8th grade made him a little more defiant and he had a couple of fights. One fight was to brace a bully after he was picking on the nerdiest kid in school for no apparent reason. Randy butted in out of impulse but found no honorable way to get out of it. The fight happened there in the hallway. The bully ended up crying and they both ended up at the principles. It was lucky for Randy that the bully had just gotten in trouble for picking on a kid the day before so he got the suspension and Randy’s parents were called. Randy’s parents actually were Ok with it. The principle had made it seem as Randy was in the right even though fighting was wrong.

   The fight went along way to his popularity. It did the opposite for the bully who latter became a druggy and moved away. Randy had a hard time getting the nerd to stop following him around. He soon had a lot of the same type kids talking to him and he found it uncomfortable. School was all about whom you hung out with and it was a bit embarrassing to the 13 year old.

   Jack was always in fights. (Remember Jack) He was a good boxer and seemed often to have the opportunity to show that he was. Some of the fights could have been talked through but the other kids (or the audience if you will) egged them on. It was still relatively tame fighting in Henrietta. You won when the other guy gave up. Towards the end of the year a guy decided Randy was with his girlfriend during a “walk for water” fundraiser. He was right of course but Randy never heard of him or who he was. Just one day at school this kid marched up to Randy and swung fast and hard. He hit Randy in his ear and then jumped on him and secured a tight headlock. Randy slid his left arm between himself and the boy, he picked the boy up and slammed the boys head into the locker. The strain on Randy’s neck was intense. The kids grip went a bit limp and Randy got him into an arm lock that twisted the boy’s arm behind his back. He smashed the boy’s head against a locker again then shoved him off. Randy turned and walked into the crowd. He never heard from the principle on that one and later found out that the boys friends had helped him out of there before any teachers could find out what happened. He also later found out why the boy had jumped him in the first place. The girl didn’t go to the school and at some point the two boys seemed to become at least fair weather friends.

   Around this time Randy’s best friends name was Bob. They did everything together. At one time they traded girlfriends. They were at the bowling ally and were talking about their girlfriends and Bob told Randy that he liked his girlfriend and so they decided to trade.  The girls didn’t go for this right away but before the day was over everything was working the way the boys had hoped.

   They spent a lot of time at the bowling ally. Randy and Bob rode mini bikes in the woods across the street from the bowling ally. The alleys were a good hour walk from their homes but it became the place to meet friends and girlfriends.

   Randy would bring small bottles filled with his father’s whisky. Randy and Bob would show it to friends to be cool. They would mix it with their coke. There was not much and probably had no real effect but people would act drunk. Most importantly it allowed the girls to behave badly. Randy and Bob liked that in a girl.

   One day Randy was watching his friends bowl, it was league time and randy wasn’t on a team. He saw this nerdy kid Bill, going into the rest room and immediately afterwards three hoody looking kids followed him in. Randy called to his friends Larry and Bob who were bowling and they immediately followed Randy into the rest room. Randy smashed thru the bathroom door and caught two of the boys giving Bill a wedgie. The other boy tried to stand in Randy’s way. The boy reached for Randy like adversaries always seemed to do. Randy pushed the boy’s arms out to the side with a slap to the elbows (something he most likely learned from wrestling or his brother Rodger) the momentum of the move caused the boy to turn slightly away and off balance for a second. All in the same motion Randy shoved the boy into a bathroom stall with all his might. The boy was already off balance and the force of Randy’s shove slammed him into the metal door and through it. Both boys had let go of bill as their friend did a face dive into the toilet. The closest one started to yell some sort of threat but Randy was on him before he made any sense.      Randy rabbit punched the boy two or three times before the kid fell against the wall with his hands up. He was crying and Randy stepped back.  Larry, Bob and a couple others didn’t ask any questions. They were right behind Randy and in a matter of seconds they were pounding on the other two boys.  There turned out to be about a dozen kids in the bathroom area. Everyone took a shot at the three kids as they ran out.   Randy always was fascinated about how the tough looking guy cried out loud. Years later he read in a book that some kids become bullies and had never actually been in a real fight. They were bigger and had never been challenged. This kid had looked so tough. Someone recognized the kids and the bowling alley manager outlawed them from ever coming back. Bills parents were there and bought Randy and the guy’s french-fries and cokes. Randy helped Bill out one other time at school. He and Larry were walking by a kid that was hassling Bill at Bills locker. He kept shutting it as Bill tried to open it. Randy started to tell the kid to leave him alone but Larry grabbed the guy by the collar and started escorting him down the hall. The boy was a bit bigger then Larry and shoved him off. Randy was right behind Larry and the boy decided to head out. He would have been alright but he called Larry a name and Larry took out after him. Randy was obligated to follow.

    The boy was not about to run and the next thing you know they were locked in so tight you couldn’t tell who had who. A teacher came and pulled Larry off and he got hauled down to the principal’s office.  Randy got Bill to go with him down there and they got Larry off the hook. Although a few months later the boy challenged Larry behind the school and Larry beat the crap out of him.

   Let’s talk about Larry. He was fascinated with pain at an early age. He was a born leader but no one would follow him. Once, Randy tried to talk his way out of a fight because he knew he was the one that was wrong and liked the kid. The kid had announced that he was looking for Randy and so Randy went down the hall to meet the kid. On his way Larry and a bunch of kids began to follow him. Howard, the other kid had a group of kids following him as well. They met in the middle of the hall. Larry stepped in and pulled Howards fingers back. Howard was on his knees in pain and Larry made him promise that he wouldn’t fight Randy and that he would forgive Randy (Randy knocked a sucker out of the kid’s mouth. Thought it was funny. It wasn’t). Randy was screaming at Larry to let go of the kid but Larry thought he was stopping a fight by doing this. Now the boy was humiliated in front of the whole school. Later, Randy bought him a bag of suckers but he wouldn’t take them.

    They were at Toms house once and there was some black kids there. Randy new some of them and also knew kids that they knew. One kid’s name was Jesse. He was a big 300 lb guy and Randy called him an over burnt hamburger. Jesse thru a basketball at Randy. Instinctively, Randy caught the ball but the power of the throw sent Randy thru the

 pricker bushes behind him. Jessie caught Randy and got him into a champion wrestler hold. He made Randy say uncle or something. Larry saw it and asked Randy what he said to get in that situation. Randy told him and then latter in the back yard Larry called Jesse an over burnt Hamburger. Jesse went after him but he didn’t run. Jesse got him in his hold but couldn’t make Larry say uncle. Larry laughed instead and Jesse got scarred and let him up. Larry challenged Jack all the time too. (remember Jack?)Jack was the best boxer in the neighborhood and could fight well. Very often when Randy came over to Tommy’s house he would see Jjack sitting on Larry’s chest putting dandelions up his nose and just trying to come up with new ways to torture him. Randy would make Jack let him up and Larry would jump on Jacks back right after. A few minutes later jack would be sitting on Larrys chest sticking grass up his nose. One time in the pool Larry jumped Jack. He probably thought Jack would move slower in the water. When Larry popped up Jack punched him and there was blood all over Tommy’s pool.

  This went on thru Larry’s teens. He was always in the middle of fights and stuff. Randy noticed the change in school as Larry turned from a pesky kid into a kid to fear. He was fearless and would back down from no one. Bullies left him alone and it wasn’t long before he was after the bullies. By the time Larry was 16 there were stories about him from all over the place. One was that a guy cut all the buttons off Larry’s shirt with a switch blade. He took the kids knife and had someone go get a needle and thread and made the kid sew every button back on the shirt.

     Randy had different friends he hung out with and during this time he was stealing a lot of items from stores. He felt if he could put it in his pocket it was his. He stole a bike from a kid a few blocks away but someone told on him. His mom of course blamed it on the people he hung around. She always blamed Larry or other kids when Randy got into trouble but mostly Randy was the instigator of the situation. One time he got caught putting comics back because he decided not to steel them and the manager of the store thought he was taking them so he called Randy’s parents. Another time Randy made it out of a store with lots of candy but his good friend Larry (a different Larry) that was with him got caught. Larry’s sister was Randy’s girlfriend but she hated him after that.

  Randy took a friends comb as a joke but when he tossed it back to the boy it hurt the kid somehow.  He had stitches from an operation or something. Larry’s sister was there and her and her friends decided Randy hurt the boy on purpose and soon there were rumors on how Randy had become a bully. Randy never did understand how the little comb hurt the boy so bad. The boy did just have an operation but the comb was lighter then a pencil and was tossed and not thrown.

   In gym class around that time the big game was dodge ball. Randy had unusually gifted reflexes and was always the center of attention during the game. The jocks would get mad because they never see him play the school sports but they couldnt put him out. Randy’s study hall teacher was Coach Don Fazio. The kids loved him because he was a minor league baseball player and got his name in the paper a lot. One of the big jocks was asking coach who the best player was for different sports from the school and he told him Randy was the best Dodge ball player. The kid had a stroke.  The next day at Gym they played dodge ball and there was a heavy concentration on putting Randy out. At one point he was the only one left on his team with a bunch of jocks on the other team with all the balls. Randy dove through the air, did somersaults and bounced off the walls. None of the kids could get him out. If they aimed too carefully Randy would catch the balls and his teammates would come back in.  All the while this game was being played one of Randy’s x-girlfriends (Larry the fighters sister )was yelling at him. Calling him names and trying to get to him. Which she did but he never showed it. Since he had moved to Henrietta this girl was his on again off again girl friend. She fought a girl that he was going out with once. He fought a guy that she was going out with once. It wasn’t a great relationship. There were real feelings there however.

   This particular dodge ball game became a turning point for Randy. He was noticed by groups that he had not been hanging out with. He became popular with kids he only knew by reputation before. After this game he was invited to more parties. He was picked for teams during gym right away instead of towards the middle where he was usually picked.   

     It was like all of a sudden everyone noticed how good he was at sports or how much he knew about music or girls. He had actually been going out with girls before most of the kids his age. Girls were wearing Minnie skirts and hot pants now. 1970-1971 everything became more about sex and coolness.


9th grade


 In 1971, Randy started 9th grade. This was a key point for Randy because it is where he met John and Matt. His two best friends for life. Randy had joined the swimming team. It was at the high school so he would take the bus from his school (Webster) after school but had to get picked up or walk home. Randy already spent most of his time at the high school pool. He was a good diver and of course could swim like everyone else in his family.

    John went to Webster as well. They met during the first day of try outs for diving. Matt went to a school called Burger, was also trying out for diving. Matt was very funny and cracked everyone up while they were practicing dives. He would pull at both sides of his neck and say “teacher..can I have another pencil?” stuff like that. They were all making up different variations. Matt and Randy had known each other from 7th grade. They were in rival gangs. These weren’t gangs like street gangs. They were just groups of about four kids that would wrestle each other when ever they met. They chased each other up and down hallways. It was all in fun.

   The three of them were picked up as JV divers. Randy was the best. He was not too far behind the varsity divers. Occasionally he was asked to dive Varsity.

A strong bond was developed between the three boys. Randy and Matt became a comedy team. They watched Marx Brothers movies together and found almost every situation funny. John was a very important influence to Randy. Up until now Randy called everyone by they’re last name. He was a cynic and believed most people were up to no good. John made Randy call him John. He showed him it wasn’t necessary to swear. John had a dry sense of humor  and was famous for saying “aaaayy” before Fonzy ever did. Most importantly he showed Randy that you didn’t need drink or drugs to have a good time. Not that Randy was doing any of these things but he was certainly heading that way

until John came along.

   The three of them would meet at the pool for practice and remained for open swim where they showed off in front of the other kids. They didn’t live close enough to each other to hang out after school so they met at the pool whenever possible.

   While walking home from school with friends, Randy would always climb trees or effortlessly dive over fences, landing with a roll to his feet. Showing off like this brought anger from an old adversary. A boy named Frank decided he was going to beat Randy up. Randy was a bit taken aback because he had not provoked the fight (as far as he knew). Frank was much bigger and Randy had known of him for a long time. Another friend that was walking along at the time (there were many kids around) persuaded Frank to leave Randy alone.  It wasn’t until Randy had time to think about it that he realized he had been a pain in Frank’s ass several times in their brief history. Frank was the gymnastic guy until Randy came around in fifth grade. Late in 7th grade Franks girlfriend broke up with him to go out with Randy. These things did not mean any thing to Randy at the time but reflection let him understand why Frank may dislike him a whole lot. At any rate Randy made it a point to stay out of Frank’s way.

    Right before spring break Randy’s parents were called into the principal’s office for him fighting a kid on school grounds.  A friend whom had cancer and wore a toupee as a result of his treatment was being picked on in one of the bathrooms. Randy and a kid named Tony caught the three bullies and beat them up. Randy fought two of them and one of them he was fighting was hurt pretty badly. None of the kids involved told their parents or the principle what happened and in the end (because the next day started spring break) no one was suspended. 

   That spring break was when Randy and his parents went to Florida. Disney world was just opened the year before and they wanted to check it out. The year before Kathy, Randy’s sister, had gone down to Disney world with her boyfriend Tony.

  Randy and his parents made a side trip to Nashville and while his parents went to the Grand Ole Opera, Randy hung out at the hotel swimming pool. They went to Florida and camped in campgrounds and went to beaches. They went to Cypress Gardens and Disney World.

 Randy had gotten a tape cassette player and listened to the “Guess Who” all the way down to Florida and all the way back.

   While camping at one campground Randy met a girl and they started making out in the shallow end of the large pool. It was dark and they were getting into it hot and heavy when Randy’s parents came to the pool for him. It was embarrassing for Randy as the two of them were more worried about her parents. They met later that night to finish what they had started. Randy had never known her name.

   One of the things that stuck in randy’s memory of the trip was that they went to a Jesse James museum by St Louis and Randy learned that Jessie might not have been the one that was killed by Bob Ford. Years later he took his kids to this museum. Westerns were always something Randy loved. He always read his dads western novels and later he read every Louis La’mour book that came out. He would re-read them while he was waiting for the next to come out. “Flint” was his favorite. His parents had taken the kids to Deadwood where they watched the reenactment of the trial of Jack McCaw after he shot Hickok and of course Custer’s last Stand at Little Bighorn. These trips and others brought the American old west close to his heart.


    Randy met his first real love at the swimming pool. Jackie was there with her friend Wendy. Wendy was a friend of Matt, John’s and Randy’s. Wendy introduced Jackie and although John was the better looking of the three, Randy and Jackie clicked instantly. The weird thing was that Jackie was in a couple of his classes but they had never talked to each other. John and Randy walked home together every night to a certain point where John would veer off to the west down streets toward his house and Randy would continue north where he had much further to go home. A car pulled up next to Randy with the girls in it and Jackie asked if he needed a ride home. Her dad was driving the girl’s home. They lived much further then Randy did. It was cold out and Randy’s wet hair was already covered with ice sickles.  The girls spent the whole trip home breaking ice sickles from his hair.

      The next day at school Randy and Jackie became boy friend and girl friend. They passed notes and walked hand and hand. Normal 10th grade stuff. Randy and John walked to the girl’s apartments one time and while they were crossing through the woods across from the bowling alley they paused to try to break ice on the pond. Randy picked up a large rock and as he smashed it down on the ice he lost his footing and he and the rock went through the ice into the water.  They turned up at Wendy’s house a half-hour later with Randy’s cloths covered in Ice.

   There was a movie theater close by where Jackie and Wendy lived. Randy would meet Jackie and Wendy up there. Often times Randy, Matt and John and the two girls would meet or ride together with someone’s parents to movie theaters and restaurants. Occasionally there would be someone else but the five of them were the primary group. After a movie, while they were waiting for their rides they would play games in the dark theater parking lots.

    It was probably hard on Jackie as she seemed so much more mature then the other girls while Randy was in a constant state of goofiness. He always was going for the laugh. Her father didn’t seem to care for him as well. This was a bit unusual because Randy always got along with parents. He was always at ease with them.

   One of Randy’s friends talked him and John and Matt into joining the Synchronize Swimming team. This sounded like water ballet and at first they were going to have nothing to do with it. Then they found out that the team was all girls and they needed a few guys to pick them up and twirl them around and everything. The coach had asked them to do a clown show at half time also to seal the deal. The three boys worked out a clown show routine and had a great time with it. Jackie brought her family to watch and her Dad was impressed. Before the school year was over Jackie’s family moved to East Rochester. Randy seen her only a couple of times after that.

  They were still talking on the phone but Randy had already started playing around with other girls. She mentioned some of the rumors that had gotten back to her but in true teenage boy spirit Randy denied all charges. They finally broke up over a phone call where she heard someone say something in the background and Randy wouldn’t tell her what was said so she hung up. She probably thought he would call her back and apologize but Randy never did. He was heartbroken but if you hang up on him he doesn’t call back.  

   All Randy’s brothers were in VietNam at the same time. Donny, on a ship with the Navy. Mike , in the airforce and Rodger, a marine…did marine stuff. One day on the way home from school Randy saw a jeep in his driveway. He sprinted home hardly being able to breathe. All he could think was that his brother Rodger had been killed. When he got home and found out that Rodger had lost part of his hand the soldiers and his mom were surprised to see him sigh in relief. Around those times kids were coming to school all the time talking about losing their brothers in Nam. A hand was a lot better then what he had prepared himself to hear about.


  Later that summer, Randy and a couple friends went to the cabin for the weekend. They needed a chaperone so they invited a burned out Vietnam vet, George. He could drive so he was needed anyways. They always had some older guy that would bring them. George came home from Vietnam and bought every record (album) known to the rock world. He spent all of his time putting them on tape.  He had long hair and a long beard.

   While they were up at the cabin they did the usual things. Had bomb fires, toasted marshmallows and went on hikes. One morning they went down to the creek on a hike. While they were coming back up the hill someone noticed the cabin in the distance and said it looked funny. They all stopped and looked at it. It looked normal but seemed to have flames on top of the roof. They raced up the hill to the cabin. Randy opened the door and black smoke rushed into his lungs. It was like  getting slugged in the gut by a smoke monster. He fell back and the other kids started running in and carrying things out. Randy rescued his tape cassette player but put it on the patio and it ended up melting. Tom came running out caring two Coleman gas cans. Both of them were on fire. Later they laughed about that one. George couldn’t get the car started so Randy went running off through the woods to the main highway. It was four miles through brush and heavily wooded areas. He went to the first house he came to and they let him use the phone. First he called his dad. His dad called the fire department then called Randy back and told him to go back to the cabin and wait. The man who owned the house knew who Randy’s dad was and knew some of his relatives. He drove Randy back to the cabin and waited with everyone until the fire truck got there from Dansville. Unfortunately half of the Dansville fire company was Randy’s relatives on his mom’s side. There was nothing left of the cabin when the fire was finally put out. It was lucky that the woods did not catch on fire as well.

   This was the older cabin. It was the best one and many of the people putting out the fire had fund memories of using it. This did not bold well for a party that was to be held in Dansville later that evening. Randy’s friends headed back to Rochester and Randy took a shower at a relative’s house before meeting his parents at the party. Rumors were running rampet through the party. The biggest rumor was that Randy and his friends were smoking pot and that’s how the fire started. With his long hair and new notoriety with his relatives he actually was like a minor celebrity at the party. Cousins from Pennsylvania had brought a girl (Rita) with them that took an interest in this dangerous city kid who burned down the family cabin. Yes, he was trouble. The bad boy that she might be able to tame. That’s how Randy saw it anyways. He saw Rita off and on for the next few years.

   Randy never got in trouble for the cabin incident. His dad didn’t make a big deal about it. In old family movies you can see George and his dad and his uncle going through the rubble and its heart breaking to see their faces. Years later when any of Randy’s girl friends would light a cigarette George would ask them to move away from Randy when they light a fire. Then he would tell them the tale of the magnificent cabin that was burned down by his delinquent son. He had different variations on the story and they were all entertaining.

      During the summer between 9th and 10th grade Randy still played games with the neighborhood kids whenever he wasn’t meeting Matt and John somewhere. They played dodge ball, hide and seek, tag, swam in pools and other fun summer activities. They would dive off Tommy’s garage into the pool. Randy had mastered the shallow dive. They never got hurt and often would have speakers playing Beatle tunes loudly while they swam and lay on the roof soaking up the sun. Randy and Tommy spent lots of time looking through teen magazines learning about the Beatles.

    Randy had been a paperboy for a couple of years but now as he turned 16 he got a job at Star supermarket. He was a stock boy for the super market as he started school in the 10th grade. A lot of the stock boys were very popular older kids. Randy must have grown as some of the boys did not recognize him from back then.

     Randy and Matt searched every park to find places to jump. They liked to leap high in the air off a cliff or hill top where the landing would be at a slant to the ground. Gravel, sand and loose dirt was the best landing earth. They could soar through the air 15 – 30 feet before they would hit earth that gave way under them. They mastered the act of perpetual leaping so that as the ground gave way they would leap again.  It was their forward momentum that would allow them to leap again sailing further. They would see how far they could go before the momentum would make them tumble the rest of the way. Other kids were fascinated by this and thought it was too dangerous but Matt and randy knew it was easier to keep moving after the big leap then to try and stop. The smaller leaps after the first one actually made the final tumble easier and safer. It just looked so awesome because it would appear that they went 40 or 50 feet in one leap when they were really doing a series of smaller ones until it was safe to tumble. One park had a tree across the bottom. It was only 3 ft high so by the time they got there they had to be on their belly or back as they slid through. Kids would gather around to watch the two of them soar through the air hit and leap again, hit and then either leap again or start a deliberate tumble to escape the tree at the bottom. They took pictures as much as they could.

   In 10th grade Randy’s Hair was shoulder length and he ended up with three gym classes a day. Two of them were suppose to be study hall but they let him take gym instead. Homeroom was right after the first gym class and Randy would not comb his hair after his shower. The girl that sat behind him brushed his hair while he put his head back. She had the same last name as him but they were not related. Most times in homeroom he slept.

    Kids had the impression that Randy did drugs and it may have been the look that he was after. Girls often asked him if he knew where to get drugs. These conversations always headed in the right direction for Randy. One time while looking for change a girl saw one of his acne pills and asked what they were. Randy wouldn’t tell her because having acne pills was embarrassing. She (Kim) assumed they were something else and asked if she could have one. Randy felt that most teenagers could probably do with an acne pill from time to time so he let Kim have one. During break, after next period she was back at his locker. She said she felt a great calm during last class and asked what they were again. Randy asked her if she felt a little itchy on her head, as he had heard that speed made your hair tingle. She thought for a second and then said it did. This intrigued Randy, as he had never felt this sensation after taking an acne pill. He mentioned that shortly she might be feeling a little paranoid. During lunch she sat down next to him and told him she was feeling real paranoid. She kept looking around and pulling at her hair. Randy told her that she would probably get a little horny in a couple of hours and that’s how you can tell that it’s almost through your system. He said she would feel that way just as it was time to go home. At the end of the day she pulled him toward the woods behind the school. The kids called it the creek. She was very enthusiastic but before they had gone to far Randy explained that it was just an acne pill. She was very mad and humiliated. She had missed her bus so Randy walked her home even though it was in the opposite direction. The next morning after gym at his locker two girls asked him for what he had given to the girl the day before. He apologized and told them no. A Teacher walked by at the time so they thought that was why he blew them off. They bugged him about it the whole day. One of them even offered him money and a blowjob. He did not want to embarrass Kim any further so he told them that it was all gone. Kim had not come to school that day but had obviously told some of her friends that Randy was dealing.

   Matt, Randy and one of Randy’s city friends went to see 2001 a space Odyssey at the $1.00 theater. Matt gave Randy’s friend a tick tack and told him it was LSD. At the end of the movie during the light show the kid began to freak out and they had to take him out of the theater. Randy explained that it was just a ticktack and they all had a good laugh. Camping one time they gave the same kid a joint that was really just some dirt and wood ground up and they said it was treated pot. The kid got high.

   At a party they were playing a game someone called Louie handout. The game was that you take a bunch of cups of coke and one person drops some lsd or something in one cup. Then everyone comes into the room and takes a cup and the fun is watching to see who gets the acid. Randy never played and actually never had anything to do with drugs. But this kind of party was the most fun and the girls were easier. For this particular party Randy’s girlfriend had chosen to go to a Band party. Randy liked a girl he knew that would be at this other party. While he was there the kids played the Louie Hand out game. Only about 75 % of the kids took a cup. For the first 15 minutes it was bazaar. Different people showed signs that they were all of a sudden feeling different. One kid started getting nervous and freaking out so everyone assumed it was her. Then someone pointed out this girl Barbara. She was just staring straight a head. Her eyes followed people as they moved through the room but she never moved her head. Randy was observing how everyone was acting drunk and stoned. Couples were making out. He was talking to a couple girls who asked him where his girlfriend Liz was. He was starting to feel like he should go to the party where Liz was at (the girl he was interested in never showed up) when all of a sudden Barbara started walking backwards very fast. She walked right through the patio window and fell against an outside table. Then there was no one drunk or stoned anymore. Everyone was running around getting their stuff and heading out of the house. Some teenagers who could drive took Barbara to the hospital when it was realized that she had broken her arm. Randy helped clean up the broken glass and then he disappeared into the night. It was about three blocks to his house and he marveled on how the kids weren’t really stoned. They acted a certain way to give themselves an excuse for anything they did.

 It was like “I can’t believe you did that”

“Oh well, I was stoned”

“ah, alright then.”

Randy hated drugs on one hand because it’s a lousy excuse. You should be held responsible for what you do no matter what. On the other hand it had kept him out of a fight once. He was stopped in a hallway by a couple kids and one accused Randy of making out with his girlfriend. Randy had explained that they were high at the time and the guy let it go. Randy hated that the lie was good enough to keep the kid from jumping him. He didn’t hate it a lot.

After the “Barb through the window” party, at school the next day, Randy looked for Liz. He had decided that she was the one for him. She was always there on the balcony watching him on the trampoline and the diving boards. Sometimes she brought her friends. She was real pretty and the other swimmers and divers envied him. Unfortunately when he saw her she explained that she met another boy at the band party and she was not going to see him anymore. The Irony was not lost on Randy. He couldn’t wait to tell John and Matt about the Ironic twist of fate. 

     The three boys had been canoeing down black creek, the canal system and the Genesee River. As they were all divers they began jumping off the bridges in the canal. There was always someone with them. Chris, a child hood neighbor and friend of Matt became the fourth member of the tight group. He was often with them on their escapades. One time while jumping off bridges on a canoe trip a lady called the cops because she thought someone was committing suicide. The cops caught up with them when they were at the Pinnacle Street Bridge. They were at the base of the bridge after jumping with the exception of Chris. He was at the top but was coming down through the rocks. The other boys watched him walk gingerly down through the stones and rocks. A police officer watched him as Chris swore all the way down. His friends could have warned him and saved him from swearing so much in front of the cop or walking all the way down but there was no fun in that. At the bottom Chris noticed his friends looking back up. A cop was at the top telling them to come up there. Chris had to walk all the way back up there while his friends laughed at his expense. The police officer told the boys about the lady. They explained that the lady must have noticed that there were different people jumping off the bridge. Randy suggested that if she thought they were all the same person, wouldn’t she wonder why the suicide jumper was doing it over and over again. The police officer gave them the usual lecture “there are logs floating just below the surface” “It’s a safety issue” blah blah blah. They were all good kids and knew how to talk to police officers. He let them go and drove off. The first thing the boys had to decide was how to get down. They knew how to talk to policemen. They just didn’t know how to listen.

   One trip they took a friend from star Market with them. Chris, Randy and Matt worked at Star market. Mark was a friend of theirs from Star market although he was in a grade ahead of the rest of them. When they met at Star Market, Mark did not know Randy. He was unaware that Randy was on the wresting team with him just a few years earlier. Mark was just a grade above him but at the time it had put him in another world. Mark was with all the cool kids from the grade above Randy when Randy was in 7th grade. Randy had to wrestle Mark on his first day and Mark won. Now as they met Randy looked and acted like a totally different person. Mark could not believe that he beat Randy one time. There was a big difference between 7th and 8th graders back then but now as a tenth grader Randy carried himself a whole lot differently. He maintained a hoody err about him. He looked tough and imposing to most. His hair was longer then his friends and he was buddies with a lot of kids from the older classes.



   Mark went on a canoe trip with the small gang and when he jumped off the bridges he kept his arms out straight instead of over his head. The boys explained that the impact would be like slapping the water. Mark proved them right. The bottom of his arms would always be bright red and you could hear the smack on the water echo down the river.

Mark always listened to Randy and the others talk about jumping off the bay bridge. It was a lot higher and they had decided to do it one weekend. As the day approached Randy discovered a machine at work that priced the meat packages. He found that he could turn the six dollar steaks into one dollar steaks. After acquiring a few steaks he suggested to the others they go to the cabin for the weekend. There were a couple girls involved in going up there to the cabin so they never even gave the bridge a second thought. It would always be there. The problem was that nobody told Mark. He and a friend jumped off the bottom rafters of the bridge. Marks right arm was yanked from its socket and the other boy’s spine was broken. Mark was able to hold the boys head above water until a man in his boat that saw the boys was able to get to them. In school Monday is when they found out about the incident. Marks girlfriend told Randy. They were in awe of Marks stunt and Randy had always felt bad that he was not there. Like maybe he could have done something. The boys never went to the bay bridge after that.

    During this time at star market the gang met Cliff. He was a bit different then the others and did not fit in right away. However, he and Wendy were going out so he was around them a great amount of time. He also went canoeing with them, as did Wendy and some of her friends. They also went to the cabin on excursions once and a while. The best thing about cliff was that his dad was a cha-cha instructor and stayed out late with the ladies. It made a great hang out. Plus, cliffs sister and her friends were there a lot. They were a year or two younger but this mattered little to 16 year olds. In the same apartment complex was Matt’s older sister. She was a single mother with two kids. She worked the graveyard shift and liked to go out partying. This gave the boys two places to hang out on weekends.

    Most times the kids would walk the 10 miles to the apartments from Star Market. Some times they would hitch hike. They played poker every weekend at Matt’s sisters house. Her boys would usually be asleep by the time they got there. They would play poker until they fell asleep. Sometimes they had alcohol and sometimes there would be girls there. It really was more about the poker then anything else and the five boys developed a bond. Randy, John, Matt, Chris and Cliff.

   At the end of a poker game when it was time to crash they cut the deck to see who got the couch. If cliff won Randy and John would talk in nonsense type sentences. Randy would ask John about something and John would appear to answer only he would be talking about something different, they could do this a long time and cliff would try to get in on the conversation only there really wasn’t one and he would freak out and roll off the couch and then John or Randy took it over. Cliff was always 16 going on 30 and tended to be over serious, so it was easy to make him laugh at nutty things or just over load him with crazy stuff until his mind breaks. He used to get mad at the movies they went to. Randy and Matt always chose the movies and they would be Mel brooks or Woody Allen. When Monty Python first came out Cliff swore at the guys for days.

   John and Randy did not do drugs. John didn’t even drink and never really swore. Randy often found himself having more fun at party’s with John then the rest of the people. Cliffs older sister had her own apartment. All the boys had a crush on her. When John and Randy went to her parties they would wait until everyone was stoned or drunk and start talking in nonsense sentences. People would try to jump in and get confused quickly. Sometimes Randy would switch the music to see how quickly people would notice. Yes and Zeppelin would be on and Randy would put the Monkeys on. John and Randy would have a good laugh if someone finally noticed. They had a joke they told. “What’s the difference between an Orange?” You would always get “between an orange and what?” but that was wrong. The correct answer was “A motorcycle. Because of its windshield there were no Potatoes” or anything close to that.

   Years later Randy asked his future wife “what’s the difference between an orange?” She looked at him and said “a grape”. They were married two days later. She also liked the Name D’Artag˝an for a first name for a boy. That sealed the deal.

  The Three Musketeers came out in 1973 staring Michael York as D’artag˝an and Randy fell in love with the name. During a two-week camping trip while they were seniors the boys name this young kid Dartagnan because he looked like Michael York.

   Star market offered its own variety of entertainment. When Randy started, there were the older stock boys and then guys Randy’s age. The older boys were the cooler kids from the high school. Well, a grade or two above Randy's crowd anyways. One guy named Jack was really popular in school. He was the first boy Randy knew who blow dried his hair. Randy and Jack were bagging groceries up front of star market when the manager Sam yelled for them to chase after this girl that was shop lifting. Randy and Jack chased her to the end of the building. Before she could deny anything Jack and Randy started laughing and told her to calm down. They were going to use the opportunity to get away from work for a while. They didn’t care if she took anything. She was relieved but embarrassed because she of course new who Jack was. Some local tough guys saw that the girl was disturbed and thought they would come to her rescue. Jack explained to them and most seemed to understand. One guy tried to shove Randy (Randy was smaller then Jack) But Randy used the boy’s movement towards him to pull the guy into a painful arm lock. Jack stopped the other kids from getting involved and Randy let the boy go after it was agreed that it was all a misunderstanding. Randy got the idea that they could stay out side a bit longer if he would tear his shirt and blame it on the gang. Everyone was laughing and Randy suggested that someone hit him so it would look like they ran into trouble. It was agreed and a boy took a long round house swing. Randy ducked out of instinct and the boys fist slammed into the kid who Randy had in an arm lock a minute before. Randy said he changed his mind at the last second and a few of them laughed. Jack pulled Randy back towards work before any of them changed their mind.

     Another time Randy and Cliff chained their bikes together and went into star to check their schedule. They were only there for five minutes but when they came out their bikes were gone. Earlier,   Matt’s bike had been stolen from his house. His bike was unusually painted and you had to peddle backwards to shift gears. A boy they knew from school was riding the bike up at Star market. Randy stopped him and told the boy that he was on a stolen bicycle. The boy immediately got off and offered the bike to Randy saying he found it in a field. Just then one of the bullies from back in 7th grade and his buddies started in and telling the boy to keep his bike. Matt walked out and the bully put a hand on Matt and Randy immediately shoved the boy hard. The violence behind the shove had an alarming message with it and the bully knew right away that he was not going to get out of this in one piece. He knew Randy. He knew Randy would not back down but before his friends could come to his rescue, star market employees started pouring out of the store. The bully and his friends retreated to the parking lot and the star market guys went back to work. A couple of days later someone noticed the bully riding what they thought was Randy’s bike. Randy got a ride up to the plaza where star market was and saw the bully riding with some other kids in the plaza parking lot. There was no way he would be able to prove it was his bike but it sure looked like it. Randy decided it was time to face the bully. He had been wrestling with the courage for years. In just the last couple of years he had been starting to feel that he could do it.   Right before he walked into the parking lot the bully hit a hole in the pavement and flew over the handlebars. He aparently broke his wrist or hand and started crying right in front of everyone like a little girl. Randy knew right then that he would never fight the boy. He had moved past it. The bike didn’t even matter anymore. 

   One day at Star Market all the older kids quit at the same time. One of their girlfriends father owned a supermarket and hired them all. All of a sudden Star market needed employees. Till this time Randy was having way too much fun at work. He liked to explore the attic in the back. He liked to walk across the ceiling over the meat dept. His foot went through the ceiling over the meat isle one time and Randy and matt laughed about it all night. They used to have Bullion cube wars. They would run up and down the isles throwing them at each other. All of a sudden all these older kids quit and Randy was made the head stock boy. He was responsible for getting all the stuff on the shelves by a certain time. The guys that were working under him were used to him starting the trouble and now he was the no nonsense guy. Randy learned a great deal about responsibility during this experience.

   John was the first of the group to start driving. Before that, Randy and Matt got their parents or older siblings to give the three of them rides to places. When John started driving it was like finally, we don’t have to ask for rides. John once said that the only reason he was invited was because he had a car. He never lived that down.

Even though Randy was older he was the second to get his license. He had saved up money from his job and was able to buy a 1969 Javelin. He thought it was an economy car but it turned out to have a 350 stock engine with a slap stick shift. Randy had no Idea what any of that ment but it was a pretty cool car.

   Having cars was like opening up a cage for the guys. They started going camping up at the cabin and wandering afar. Randy would cut school from time to time when he could talk a girl into going on an adventure with him. Sometimes they would all go to Mendon Ponds or to the Henrietta Park. A quick 45-minute drive up to the cabin became a normal activity. Randy had a habit of getting stuck in the mud at the cabin and had to run through the woods (like with the fire) more then a couple of times and call his uncles. His uncle Gordon (Gordy) in Dansville would come up with other relatives and pull him out. Randy’s dad never mentioned it to him although he must have heard some of the tales from Gordy.

    During the summer between 10th and 11th Randy started playing with the CB sets. His friend Bob from the city had a CB set but no car. He asked Randy if  Randy would put his in Randy’s car. They would drive around talking to all the people on CB sets.  Everyone had handles instead of using their real names. Bob was Box Top. There was Half Track and a girl named Sunshine. Randy met a whole new group of people but never used a handle. He called himself Randy. The CB’rs played a game called the bunny hunt. Everyone that wanted to play would meet at a parking lot and hang out for a while then one person (car) was selected as the bunny and would drive away. A half hour later everyone would take off in search for the bunny. The bunny would start keying their microphone and when the cb set was keyed it would send out a signal. You would follow the signal until it got stronger and the car that found the bunny would win. Everyone put up five dollars and the winner got the pot. Usually the winner would treat everyone to breakfast. Randy would usually drive with box top and Matt. John went sometimes also.

   In east Rochester there was someone with a large base station called mother. Everyone called her when they were looking for someone because she had the largest range. She had two daughters who also did CB. A lot of times the CB people would stop by and visit. Some would pick up the daughters and take them out riding. While Randy and matt were visiting one night, A guy named Andy was talking crap on the air. He was handy caped and had a special car he drove. Andy started insulting some guy over the Air and they were going to meet at some restaurant parking lot. The poor guy had no idea that Andy was a severe handicap. He pulled in and was waiting for Andy and while he was there, 20 different types of vehicles pulled in and surrounded him. Mother new what was going to happen and sent Randy to stop it. Randy got there and the guy had locked himself in his car but couldn’t drive away. Randy explained everything to the guy. He apologized for Andy and got the guys to move there cars so the stranger could move on down the road. Minutes later Andy turned up drunk as a skunk ready to fight someone. All the people took him in the restaurant and bought him coffee. Years later Andy was killed in a bar fight. He had a lot of friends.

   One night Randy, John, Matt and mothers  two daughters went to where Half Track worked. He was a night watchman for a school for retarded children. All night long the gang swam in the pool, played games in the gym and ate in the cafeteria. They had the whole school to themselves.

   A rumor got out that Randy and one of the mothers daughters were intimate and her boyfriend was looking for him. Months later while Randy, John and Matt were hanging out at the Olympic Roller Skating ring with CB friends the boy confronted Randy. He was an East Rochester kid with a group of friends and Randy thought for sure this was going to be a big rumble or something. There were a few words spoken and they stared at each other menacingly or what Randy had hoped appeared Menacingly, but then everyone went back about their business.

   They hung out at the roller skating ring a lot. RS, one of the CB guys was a great roller skater and spent a lot of time picking up young girls there. Other CB guys were greaser, Powerhouse and Sundown. They all met outside the roller skating ring. When the rink closed down and everyone left the CB people would hang around outside the Olympic Park Restaurant. Randy and John were good at roller-skating with john a bit better.

   One night some guys started talking Trash to Randy on the air. Box top was with randy and told him that they were just having fun. Randy pulled up to the guys and they all got out of their cars and approached each other like bad asses but when the guy reached out for Randy, Randy slid under the guys right arm while pulling his left and had the guy in an arm lock before anyone knew what was going on. He asked him if he knew the difference between an orange then let him go. He shook the kids hand with a big laugh to indicate that he was kidding around but the message was there. First impressions on tough guys were real important. You had to show them you knew your way around a fight without them knowing too much. All the guys knew was he was fast and new what to do. Enough said. Randy did this often. It prevented the usual lets see who’s the toughest guy stuff that goes on as friendships flourish. It stops the challenges before they start. Most fights in large groups are started when one guy is pretty sure he can take the other guy. With Randy, there was too much uncertainty and no one wanted to chance it. In this situation, Randy was one of the gang right away. He had them laughing in a matter of seconds. No one knew the difference between an orange though. He explained the answer and then started making fun of their CB handles.

   Between 11th and 12th  grade during the summer, Randy worked the graveyard shift at a Sunoco Gas station. His boss was a CB guy. Guys used to hang around the station all the time. Some of them worked on their cars, others had no place else to hang out.  The graveyard shift was a weird shift. The Sunoco station was right off the thru way. People would stop and ask where bars were. A car full of beautiful women asked if there were any gay bars in town. Men stopped and asked where the best place was to pick up hookers. Randy learned where things were and loved to tell people how to get to places. One time this big guy in a jacket and tie asked Randy for a blowjob while randy was pumping gas. Randy figured the guy was kidding and laughed it off. As the man paid him he grabbed for Randy’s arm. He was too slow and Randy backed away a few feet. The man started towards him and Randy yelled “Power House!” in the glass doorway of the building was a large well-built longhaired scruffy looking fellow caring a chair. The man stopped dead in his tracks and slowly backed to his car and took off. Randy noticed that the man forgot his change and mentioned it was good that the man didn’t have a gun. Powerhouse held up one of his hands. He was holding a snub nose 38cal. He said it was good for somebody.

   Another time a lady asked Randy to work for her in a circus she owned. He would be her personal assistant.

   Another time a bike gang left one of their girls there because she laughed at a joke. They were all from out of town. Her name was Star evidently and she spent the night at the gas station with Randy. She was very experienced and taught him an awful lot. He dropped her off at the bus station the next morning and lost the paper with her number on it. Never saw her again.

   Next door to the gas station was a new restaurant. Missy, Wendy’s friend worked there and Randy would go and visit her in the morning when he got off work. Missy  was part of the gang and when ever Wendy did anything with the guys Missy was there as well.  Randy used to stare at Missies food in the cafeteria at school until she would give it to him. She was always laughing at Matt and Randy whenever they were together. Years later Missy and Matt married after an 11 year or so court ship.

   During the summer between 11th and 12th grade Randy fell in love with Joanne. She was three years younger than him and her mother did not approve. Joanne’s mother called him and asked if he would stop seeing her daughter. Randy agreed and explained that he wouldn’t see Joanne unless her mother called him and said it was all right.

    Before school started Randy, Matt, Chris and John decided to go to the cabin for two weeks. Box top came along for the first week and John could not come for the first week. They all drank and played cards at night. They went on long hikes and visited down town Dansville where Chris and Vaugny, (Randy’s cousin),  started dating. They played horse shoes often and boxtop lost when ever they played for dishes. Who ever lost cleaned the next meals dishes. Randy slept on the bottom bunk and Boxtop wanted to sleep there instead of  the top so they played a game of horse shoes for it and although box top lost, Randy let him switch with him one night. In the middle of the night Randy woke up to use the bathroom. He swung his feet over the edge and pushed off thinking he was on the bottom bunk. While in mid air the reality came to him. It would have been better if it was just floor beneath him but there was an overturned chair there instead. Randy crashed into the chair and lay on the floor and chair in pain. The other boys looked at him from their bunks. Chris cleared his throat and asked if it was all right to laugh. Randy said yes and the cabin came to life with a roar of laughter. It was hours before Randy could straighten up. He had landed on the chair in a bad spot.

   Earlier that week they were playing kill the guy with the ball and Randy had the ball. He slipped while dodging Boxtop and put his Palm down on the only piece of broken glass for probably 10 miles. He came up with an inch and a half slash on his hand. Randy’s car was what they were using and it was a Catalina with broken power steering and a muffler system that fell off every few minutes. No one else could drive the monster and Randy had the bad hand. He and matt left the others and started walking to Dansville. It was a funny site to see the boys hitch hiking. They both had long hair and looked like they grew up in the mountains. No showers for the last few days didn’t help. Randy waved his bloody hand to the passing vehicles but no one stopped. They saw an elderly couple in the cemetery and asked them where the nearest hospital was. The old couple thought long and hard and determined that the one in Dansville was the boys best bet. A half hour later they were still hitch hiking and still laughing that the old couple didn’t take one look at the bloody hand and offer them a ride to Dansville. Finally a car pulled over. The driver asked Randy who his father was and when Randy said George Hinds the guy laughed and said he once punched George in the nose.  (Years later Randys Uncle Walt said that george had won that fight...just saying) He got them to the hospital and after Randy got 10 Stitches, one of his relatives brought Randy and Matt back up to the cabin.

   The boys went looking for a place to go swimming and drove to a swimming hole by the main road. When they got ready to drive back to the cabin Randy’s water hose blew up. Again Randy and Matt hitchhiked down to Dansville. This time someone picked them up right by their car. The fellow drove Randy and Matt to an auto parts store in Dansville where they purchased a water hose and the man drove them back to the car. He talked with the boys while Matt and Randy put the hose on. All the boys went down to the swim hole to get water in what ever they could carry it in. When Randy’s car was up and running the guy bid them farewell and started to drive away and HIS water hose blew up. They drove him down to Dansville and got him a hose and brought him back and put it on for him. They put water in his car and then he drove off.  The boys laughed about this all night long.

  The next week they were to spend the week at Stony Brook Park. Box Top did not go but John was able to make it. First Chris, Randy and Matt had to get home so they could get senior pictures taken at their school that Friday. Randy had no time for a shower and the only shirt he had was used to take off a radiator cap. Luckily he had a sleeveless sweater that he threw on over the shirt for the photo. The boys met with john and they all headed up to Stony Brook.

   This was a time where they made friends with a little guy they named Dartagnan. They played tag with all the kids, hiked up and down the river and all stayed in individual tents. One night in the middle of the night Matt screamed and everyone heard his tent zipper zip down…then up and then up and down quickly and finally everyone was out of the tents and he was at the table out of breath. According to Matt there was a gigantic bug in his tent. He swatted it but that just made the bug mad. He pulled the zipper down but the bug pulled it back up. He said the bug had an evil laugh also. He finally got out of his tent.

   While hiking in the hills the boys met a girl caring a sleeping bag. She was running away or hiking across country or something or other. She went back to the boy’s area with them and they fed her dinner. Sometime during the night she ended up in Randys tent. She was a bit loud during sex and the other boys teased Randy about it the next day. Also she was not the most attractive girl and they never let him forget that. The next day it was hard to get rid of her. She went with them while they were cliff climbing and took pictures of them. Randy’s cousin Vaugny was camping there with her family and the girl started hanging out with Vaugny.

    While climbing the cliffs , Randy and Matt were the most daring. They climbed up steep cliffs using rock formations for hand holds. On one high cliff that ran along the side of the waterfalls they ran into an over hang. It was 50 or 60 feet down. Although they were 5 or 6 feet from the top, the over hang prevented them from seeing what they were doing. Going down is always harder then going up and at one point Matt just leaped up and his head and arms disappeared from Randy’s view. Matt’s legs dangled with nothing below them but air and pain if he couldn’t hang on. Randy reached for Matt’s legs but before he could touch them matt pulled himself up with a Herculean effort. Matt coached randy on where to put his left hand and then told him to leap and put his right hand just above his left and there was a jagged rock that stuck out. Randy did as Matt told him and was soon dangling like matt had done earlier. He pulled himself up until he could get his elbows on the ledge and then pulled himself the rest of the way up. It was such an exhilarating effort. The boys climbed some more cliffs and went swimming in the ice-cold water of stony brook before returning to camp.

  Randy and Matt had taught themselves how to come down off a steep hill that was stoney or sandy. They would take incredible leaps into the air moving 20 feet before their feet touched earth again. Just as their feet started to slide or break thru the dirt they would leap again. Hikers and campers used to watch them in amazement.

      Randy carved Joanne’s name in everything he could even though he was dating other girls. In the back of his head she was going to be his some day.

   There was no firewood anywhere around. Campers had stripped the nearby woods of all old broken down trees. The boys hiked up the mountain where there was loads of firewood. They brought a ton of wood to the edge of the steep hill. Then one stayed there and the others positioned themselves in different locations down the hill. The guy at the top threw large tree limbs  down and it hit close to Randy. These were dead trees and limbs. Then Randy would throw it down to the next person and then on down till it reached the creek. The boys then carried it back to their area. They shared it with other campers and became very popular.

   Finally it was time to leave and Randy said bye to the camping girl. She called Vaugny once and awhile to ask about Randy. However for many years Randy had not thought about her until Matt showed him a picture of them all at the campsite. 

   Randy always camped at that particular area when he went to Stony brook. It was high off the road and a short distance to the showers. He camped there whenever he went to Stony brook.

    At Letchworth State park there was a giant waterfalls and steep cliffs on each side of the ravine. There was a Welton family reunion being held there and matt came along with Randy’s family. George’s family was always early as he had something to do with arrangements. Randy matt and a couple other kids went down into the ravine and played around. They swam and looked for crawfish and salamanders. On the way back Randy decided him and matt would climb the cliff. About 20 yards up Matt decided to go back down. Randy continued the climb. More because it was harder to go back down then it was to go up. He got to a place right before the top and there was dirt over hang. Small trees were growing out of the over hang. The only hand holds Randy could find was the small trees and they gave way when he tried to put any weight on them. The roots were only in the dirt mound. Randy was in a pickle. Matt couldn’t get close enough to talk him through the rest of the climb so he went and got Randy’s brother Mike. Mike and Matt were able to get just above the dirt overhang. Mike grabbed the trunk of a thicker tree and pushed the other end to Randy where he could use it as he climbed over the dirt over hang. The dirt overhang gave way to his weight and efforts. Sand and dirt fell in clumps as Randy moved over it.

   Everything that happened next was told to randy after he woke up in the hospital. When randy woke up Mike was there next to his bed. Randy lay still trying to remember. He looked at Mike and asked him how many bones he broke. Mike said none but he had a slight concussion. Randy remembered the height of the cliff.  This couldn’t be right. How many stitches did he have. Mike said none but he had a slight concussion. Then matt came in wearing Randy’s boots. Randy was puzzled. The Cliff was high enough to kill him but it looks like he had minimal damage. And evidently Matt felt Randy didn’t need his boots anymore.

   The story goes that Randy and Matt had gone to the teeter-totters where the teenagers were hanging out. One of his cousins had brought a cute friend and Randy ended up in a tree showing off. A limb broke and randy tumbled over the branches until he fell to the ground on his head. He got right up, looked at the cute girl, said ‘do I know You’ and passed out. They put him in one of his older cousins car and they took him to the hospital. He threw up a time or two in the car.

   Matt said his father was running around telling everyone to get some scissors, Randy was out and they were going to cut his hair. Like “get some scissors, we’ve got him now.” Randy never understood why matt was wearing his boots.

   The biggest problem Randy had was he had a date coming up and was suppose to wear a neck brace for a while. It was between the neck brace and sex.  The neck brace came off early.


Randy and Matt brought mothers (CB) daughters up to the cabin once to go blueberry picking. Randy thought he knew the woods like the back of his hand but he got lost and they ended up in an area that they did not know. They stopped by a farmhouse and heard the metallic click of rifles as they approached the porch. They went to the next house and the people there gave them a ride back to the cabin.

   When Randy was only 13 he went hiking in the woods with two friends, They each had pellet guns. They never seen anything to shoot and ended up getting lost. Someone told them how to get closer to their area and they shot a robin on the way back. They watched it struggling on the ground and Randy shot it in the head to put it out of its misery. This took place by the creek and the boys buried the bird along side the creek. Randy had set his pistol down on a large flat rock and later they could not find it because it was the same color as all the rocks. The bad thing was that it belonged to his sister’s boyfriend.

    Another time when Randy and his cousins were about 11 or 12 they bragged about sleeping in a tent far above the cabin. They hiked up to an area and pitched their tent. Around midnight they all came back down because they heard noises and were scarred. No one admitted this. They had all kinds of reasons to come back down the hill.

   Randy wondered around the woods alone when he was very young and no one seemed to mind. He often went out looking for large battle fields for his toy army men. The place had to be just right for the battle and sometimes it was in the middle of a grove of pine trees. Sometimes on the banks of a small creek. He would lose track of time but always found his way back to the cabin. The hard part was finding his way back to the battle area where he left his army men. Once he forgot where he left them and when his family left the cabin he had to leave them behind. He found them much later and was amazed at how far from the cabin he had been. If someone was walking through the woods they would have seen about 500 soldiers, cowboys and Indians staging a fierce battle in the middle of the woods with no one around for miles. It would have been puzzlement. Did some child like Tarzan live in the forest? Maybe a kid ran away to the woods and was watching them right now.

    Randy was in music theater for a year in school and also Music Theory. He did not fit in with the kids that attended these classes but felt he needed to be an entertainer and this is the path you needed to take. None of the kids in the class dressed like him, wore their hair like his and had his hoody demeanor. Randy was a Jock that looked like a hood that people mistook for a freak (druggie). These kids were all neat and proper looking. They were all scholars and band members. His first day in Music Theater the teacher said that he (the teacher) was a magnet and that each one of them had to be drawn to him. As Randy waited for his turn and watched each kid perform some type of mime type embarrassing show Randy pondered on his strengths. When it was his turn he held on to a metal chair looking the other way. When the teacher gave him his queue he kicked the chair toward the teacher and acted surprised that the chair had left his hand. He had made sure as he was pulled towards the teacher that he grabbed at other chairs and lined them up in front of him so that he had to flip over the chairs to end up at the teacher’s feet. This seemed to work and the teacher praised his performance. During Music Theater he got to know some of the kids and became friends with some of them. While waiting for the teacher before class one day they were on the stage in the auditorium. Randy noticed how all the chairs were lined up at the edge of the stage and below in the orchestra pit there were several chairs set up. Randy worked out a routine with this kid and told him to swing him around by his arm. When the teacher and other students showed up the kid called Randy a name and pushed him. Randy swung at the kids head, he ducked and grabbed Randy’s arm and swung him around and let go of Randy who sailed to the edge of the stage and collided with the chairs knocking them all over the place and then continued to fall in to the Orchestra pit with chairs smashing and making a devastating crash. Everyone thought Randy was hurt bad, even the kid that was in on it. What they didn’t understand was that the chairs broke up the impact. They slowed his decent; as they collapsed they caused him to reach his destination in a longer amount of time then if the chairs weren’t there. They also offered the loud crashing chaotic effect that is associated with pain. Everyone loved the bit.

     Randy found that acting was not as easy as he thought it was. He tried out for a hit man in a school play and they kept asking him to talk slower and in the end he sounded like john Wayne. Everyone was laughing at him so he went out to use the rest room and never went back. Another time he and this other girl tried out for a musical. They both made the parts they were trying for but never went back. They convinced themselves that they were to cool.

   In Music Theory , Randy had to sing a song in front of the class. He asked his sister in-law Cathy to play the guitar for him. He used one of his own songs. His foot was shaking the whole time while he sang the song and his face probably turned beat red. It was one of the hardest things he had ever done. He always credited Cathy with the patience to help him get through that knowing he had a horrible voice and the lyrics probably were the worse.

  Randy had a crush on a girl named Randi but thought she was a senior and never perused her. Later he discovered she was in the class below him but he was no longer in music theory and she had a boy friend.  Even later he found that she had a crush on him while they were in the class together.

   The senior year started and Randy did not go out for any sports. He was actually doing better in school. He cut every once and awhile to run up to the cabin with this girl or that. He worked at the gas station after school and some times on weekends. Cliff had quit school and they all figured it was because he was doing poorly. Randy was mad when he found out Cliff was getting straight A’s. Cliff was always 16 going on 30. He was in a hurry to grow up. The good thing now was Cliff lived with his older sister and they had great parties. At one party the police came and Randy was up in the attic with a girl he had met at the party. He tried to talk the girl into jumping out the window on to the garage roof next to the house. For Randy it was nothing but the girl wouldn’t do it. Randy leaped to the garage and then to the ground on the other side of the fence in the neighbors yard. He looked up at the window and saw the girl waving madly at him. He waved, turned around and walked right into a police officer that was watching Randy’s dissent from the window. Randy’s dad picked him up from the Rochester police station. There were no charges filed. The police were only looking for a certain kid whom was known to hang around with cliffs sisters’ boyfriend. He was not there and it was probably the first party in that apartment that had no drugs or the police did not check very hard. Randy had all the police entertained. The one that was waiting for him at the bottom was trying to be stern but Randy kept talking and pretty soon he was laughing out loud. His dad was quite in the car and Randy was uneasy. He had no idea how much trouble he was in. George finally asked Randy if he was doing drugs. Randy explained that he was only at the party or any party for girls. He promised his dad that he not only did not do drugs but also did not like beer either. Randy explained how he would empty all the beer down the drain except for a sip. Then he went out where everyone could see him, finished off the sip, crushed his can and asked for another one. This was true; Randy wasted a lot of beer to impress his peers. His father smiled at this. There was not another word spoken about it.

   Randy defended the right to smoke pot. Most of his friends did by this time but Randy never liked anything making him feel a certain way. Although he probably did his share of second hand pot smoke.


   Randy’s father co-signed for him to buy a Vega right before his senior year at high school. It was Randy’s third car but his first new car. The first day he was driving the car he turned down a road where a kid he knew was waving his arms up and down. Randy glanced in his rear view mirror and noticed his car was leaving tire tracks. They had just paved the road evidently. From then on his car had asphalt stuck around the base of the doors.

   Randy was going out with girls from St Aggnass high school. He would go to the parking lot to pick one up and get a telephone number from another. Around this time streaking was the newest fad. Randy and a few CB buddies drove to the back of the high school and a guy named Darrell was to run through the building and meet the rest of the guys on the other side. Darrell jumped out of the car and ran up the steps to the door. The car started pulling out when Randy noticed that Darrell couldn’t get the door open. They stopped and Darrell ran back to the car. Randy noticed that all the windows were opened and girls were hanging out the window cheering. Then the back door was held opened by a girl. Darrell jumped back out and ran up the stairs and into the building. The car shot around to the front. It seemed like only seconds and Darrell burst through the front door and headed to the car. Greaser was driving and he kept just a head of Darrell to make him run further. All the girls and even some nuns were hanging out the windows and doors.

   In high school as well there were several streaking incidences. Usually they are guys. One time a guy was running down the hall naked and as he approached the hamper full of wet towels every one grabbed a towel and started rat tailing him. Another time a girl attempted to run through the boys shower but never made it all the way through. The boys trapped her in the showers until some one gave her a towel and helped her sneak back into the girl’s shower room.

   As a senior Randy had only a few classes and spent most of his time working and hanging out with Matt, John, Chris and Cliff. Wendy was often with them. A guy named Pat was on the diving team now and started hanging out with them. His girl friend had the same last name as Randy and was in his homeroom. A lot of times Pat, Randy and Matt would go to the college (RIT) and hang out in the game room and the Cafateria. Matt and Randy used to explore unused parts of the college. An underground walk way ran from the dorms to the campus. It was about a mile long. They would go wherever a door led them. They were never destructive or stole things. It was just the explorers in their soul.

  Sometimes they took long walks and ended up in places they shouldn’t. Once, Before they had cars, Randy and Matt were walking from the apartment complex where Matts sister lived to a roast beef restaurant and on the way they were passing a car lot. They jumped the fence and climbed a fire escape to the roof. While they were up there they noticed that there were some dogs on the other side of the building. The dogs had not noticed the boys yet. Now they had to get down and get out with out the dogs noticing. However, the dogs were starting to walk around the building. It may have been that they heard the boys and were now going to investigate. Using sign language and trying hard not to laugh they came up with a plan. They threw stones towards the far fence. The dogs started barking and they all converged on the area of the noise. The boys went silently down the fire escape on the other side and then sprinted to the far fence. Not a word was spoken until they were over the fence. Then they broke down in laughter so bad they couldn’t stand up. The dogs had come to investigate and barked at the two crazy boys on the other side of the fence.

    Randy and Matt got sandwiches at the restaurant and after a large bite; Randy saw a couple train cars sitting on the track across the street. He managed to point and say, “train” with his mouth full of roast beef. Matt looked at him and said ”yes” then he pointed at a car and said “car”. Then he pointed at a building and said “building”. Randy started laughing so much he choked on his sandwich. The boys spent the next half hour exploring the train cars. Climbing on top, practicing hopping to the open doors on one of the cars. Soon they were bored and headed back to the apartment complex. On the way back they noticed a police car leaving the fence area where the dogs were.

   Randy wound up at the Town house lounge to watch a group called Freedom Tree. They were a great group and at midnight they changed cloths and called themselves Commando Perverto and the Pimples. They sang contemporary rock and at midnight sand old 50s and 60s songs. They did an excellent 4-seasons set and Randy started liking the 4-seasons a lot from then on. Randy wood leave school and watch the freedom Tree practice. He started talking to them during rehearsals and brought in some of his songs for them to look over.

   Sometime during the school year Joanne called Randy and invited him over. She said it was her mother’s idea. After that they were a couple again. Shortly after that she found out that they were moving to Manchester, NY (about 45 minutes away). So a few times a week after school Randy headed out that way and they spent time together. Unfortunately, Randy was not the most loyal of boyfriends and still seen a lot of girls during his senior year. He was upfront with the ones he seen on a regular bases. They knew he had a girlfriend and one or two even knew Joanne’s name.

   Working late at the gas station offered Randy a couple try’s for what he wanted to do with his life. Everyone always told him he should be a stuntman so one night when he met a man from LA with a flat Randy talked to him about Hollywood. The man gave Randy the name and address of a stunt coordinator. Randy wrote a long letter explaining that he wanted to be a stunt man and he would move equipment or whatever he needed to do to break into the business. He never got a reply.

   A rock group had van trouble one night and Randy told them that he wrote songs. They invited him to their hotel the following day and he brought his songs. They blew him off during his visit and didn’t really look at the songs.

      Randy was asked to join a carnival as a ladies personal assistant after she grabbed his ass. He was offered a job to keep track of a couple hookers for these three business men who were going to Orlando on business. They needed someone to take their hookers to Disney and other places while they were at meetings. The grave yard shift had just about every weird type of individual out on weekend nights and Randy had a great time talking with them.

     The senior ball came up and Randy, Matt and John rented hotel rooms right next to each other. They stayed at the Ball long enough to get pictures and headed for the Hotel. Matt was with Missy. John was with a girl named Vicky (That he would latter marry) and Randy was with Joanne. Joanne had to be home by midnight so they left the hotel early. They all had room service for their dinners and toasted Champaign in the hallway. Joanne had made her own dress but liked to wear Randy’s ruffled shirt while they were at the Hotel.

    Joanne came to Randy’s graduation party as well. His parents threw one for him in his back yard. They left early to be alone and Randy would reflect on that later. His parents threw him a party and he left early.

   Randy and Joanne did a great deal of short term planning. Randy was out of high school with relatively no plans. He spent a lot of time at her house now. They went up to his cabin and to one of his Welton family reunions. They went to Stonybrook Park and he showed her where he had carved her name into logs and tables on some of his previous visits. They stayed at a hotel on his birthday when he turned 19.  He had forgotten to ask for that day off and thus ended his career at the gas station.

   Joanne got Randy a job with her little sisters father. He had a steam cleaning and construction business. Randy also moved to Joanne’s town and lived upstairs from a couple that Joanne baby sat for. Seeing Joann at work and at home proved too much for the relation ship. Joanne asked Randy to leave so he moved back to Henrietta.

    Randy still worked for Joanne’s sister’s father. The job was basically steam cleaning and other cleaning/painting chores. Once while he was on a scaffold 12 feet above the ground he turned on the steam cleaner gun and the pressure flung him off the scaffold. Luckily he landed on a few empty plastic gallon containers and they broke his fall. The wind was knocked out of him but no broken bones.

   As often happens to Randy, in late November he was thrust into the position of someone in charge when while working at a factory some workers accused the steam cleaning crew of taking some equipment. Randy had observed some of the factory employees moving some equipment earlier and he took the men to the people who had moved it. After the man apologized to Randy the rest of the crew that day looked to him for assignments and guidance. The bosses’ son was there so Randy was sure this would get back to the boss and would bold well for promotion. The crew was a bunch of people that the boss knew. A couple of older women and one of their nephews, the boss’s younger son and a couple of his friends. Randy’s exploits never were recognized however. Instead he was blamed for something he didn’t do. 

   Pat was a lifeguard at the Marriott Inn. Randy would visit him and they would play three layer chess while watching any hotel patrons that were using the pool. Pat was the only one Randy knew beside his brother Don that could play three level chess. Pat invited Randy to assist him when he had to be a lifeguard for the owner’s daughter who was turning 19. She was having a pool party as part of her birthday and they had about 20 girls in and around the pool. Randy met Helen there. She was pretending to drown in 1 foot of water and he had to go rescue her. The girls were sharing rooms in the hotel and Randy and Helen ended up in one of the rooms. Pat also ended up with one of the girls.

       The first week of December, Randy and Pat started talking about moving to Florida. Pat had a job opportunity in Boca Rotan. He told Randy if they went down there they could work construction in Boca Rotan. It was decided that they would do it but Pat would have to drive. Randy lost his license for three months for speeding. His mother had been driving him back and fourth to work. The college swim team was going to Fort Lauderdale to compete in an event at the swimming pool hall of fame. Pat was on the swim team although most people thought Randy was on it as well. He went to college everyday and even attended some classes. More then a few nights he spent at the coed dorms.

  It was arranged that they would leave on the Monday, second week of December. Randy went to pick up his check on a Friday night trying to figure out how he would tell his boss that he quit. The man took matters out of Randy’s hands. He told him that someone had identified him as the one who was swinging on the elevator cables and climbing around in the elevator shaft. This evidently happened on the same day that Randy thought he was impressive. Randy explained that it wasn’t him. His boss gave him a little extra and told him he was through. When Randy and Pat got in the car, Pat looked at Randy and said that it did sound like something he would do. Randy agreed but realized the blame was  probably more to do with keeping him and Joanne away from each other. He never found out who really did what was blamed on him. If it happened at all.

   That weekend Randy’s family and relatives gave him a little money in lew of Christmas gifts. Everyone was sure he would be back in a couple of weeks.

   That Monday morning, Randy, Pat and two other boys from the swim team packed into Randy’s little Vega and took off.




18 years old senior pic. Taken between campouts

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